A skate pole makes skateboarding more fun.

Skate poling is a great option for fitness and recreation, offering a variety of benefits depending on your goals and how you choose to do it.

Full-body workouts: Skate Poling combines the benefits and cross-fit training of paddle boarding, surfing and cross-country skiing, engaging your upper body (arms, shoulders, back, core) and lower body (legs, glutes) for a total body workout.

Cardiovascular health: The continuous movement of skate poling from side to side while holding your balance elevates your heart rate and improves cardiovascular endurance and stamina.

Strength building: The pushing and poling movement strengthens your core, shoulders, back, arms, and legs.

A Low-impact Workout: Low-impact sports like skate poling improve flexibility, protect your joints, and reduce strain on muscle fibers.

Balance and coordination: The combination of leaning into curves, pushing and pulling with a skate pole, and focusing on your skateboard footwork improves overall balance and coordination.

Outdoor Activity: Exploring your universe with the wind in your hair -- skate poling brings a fresh perspective to your fitness routine and can lead to an increased motivation to workout.

Paddleboarders Just want to have fun: can’t get on the water or you don’t have room to pack your paddleboard? Skate Poling and a skateboard are all you need to paddle on land (without the sharks!)