Our Boards

In 2021 we launched our line of skateboards specifically to be used with SUPSkate® skate poles. We developed the boards after years of observing and examining custom skateboards used by skate polers and long distance skateboarders. There are many different configurations, but we've noticed some common threads in most of these high performance boards. These insights led us to develop the SUPSkate Endurance boards.

The Endurance boards are built are for long distance skate poling. The wide and flat decks make it easy for riders to shift their feet while riding to ease muscle fatigue. The decks also enable riders to keep both feet pointing forward, which is necessary for most people to switch sides to push.

Our Endurance boards have an incredible ride. They are built with Hamboards patented HST trucks. These unique trucks provide an amazing amount of axle rotation and unparalleled ride response. The key to the ride is the use of a steel spring in combination with a polyurethane bushing. These trucks allow you to carve and pump with ease and comfort.