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SUPSkate Endurance 45

SUPSkate Endurance 45

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Made to Go the Distance

This is a purpose-built complete longboard for long-distance pushing, pumping and skateboard poling (land paddling) athletes.   Anyone can learn to land paddle and pump on this race-quality complete board. 

This 45in deck is fast, agile and pumpable and gives enough steering to navigate urban obstacles.  

"To my knowledge, these are the first purpose-built skateboards designed for long distance skateboard paddling (poling).  They're not for everyone, but they certainly are for anyone.  World-class athletes battle tested this gear setting world records at the '22 Ultraskate.  At that same event, novice endurance athletes set personal distance records on the very same gear.  The nice wide and flat deck gives room for the important footwork necessary to get your hips pointing forward so you can switch arms and then quickly switch to the pumping stance or to the surf stance to avoid obstacles.  These things just swim.  It's very easy to pump.  These are designed for athletes and anyone who wants learn to paddle and pump."  - D. Sandusky; Head gear guy and Miami Ultraskate veteran.  

Features & Attributes:

  • Smooth and flat to maximize space for comfortable footwork
  • Highly Pumpable Configuration
  • Huge 83mm wheels for a buttery-smooth ride
  • Adjustable front and rear truck locations to get the feel you need
  • Can be converted to a Longboard Carving Surfskate (Swap the rear truck from a ZR0 to a 40 and shift the front & back truck locations, and you're surfing on a Huntington Hop).  
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