Who We Are

SUPSkate®, was born out of necessity and nutured by the skateboard company, Hamboards®,. When Don Sandusky founded Hamboards in 2012 he had no idea how to ride those huge skateboards.  In fact, those big heavy boards terrified him.  Happily, his cousin Pete had a 7 foot long bamboo stick with a rubber dog toy jammed onto the lower end and it changed everything for DonAll of the sudden he could ride and it was really fun.

In the early days of the Hamboards, Don and Pete the shop, grab their boards and poles, and then casually cruise the Huntington Beach boardwalk. The sticks were heavy and stiff but they worked. They made skateboarding feel like riding a really long wave.

While Hamboards focus was on building and selling skateboards, Don, a former head of product at a world-leading sports equipment company, harbored a desire to upgrade that simple stick into a real piece of performance sports equipment. Even in the early days of the company, he knew the poles are where it's at!

Once the Hamboards skateboard business stabilized, Don turned more of his attention to the skate poles. After nine generations of skate poles under the Hamboards brand, the company launched SUPSkate so the poles could have a life of their own.

SUPSkate helps people of all ages, skill levels and abilities skate with more confidence. Let's all get more fun out of our skatebards!