We design skate poles for skateboarders of all abilities. Whether you want a skate pole to learn how to ride, have fun with your friends or compete in a race, we have a pole that will suit your needs.

You can use our skate poles with any skateboard or buy one of ours which we designed to maximize the fun and efficiency you get from a skate pole.

  • Beginner

    A skate pole gives you confidence so that you can learn to ride a skateboard easier and faster.

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  • Recreational

    Skating poling is a great cardio and muscular workout. It's great for working your core and getting your heart pumping.

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  • Competitive

    There's a whole community of competitive skate polers. Some have used skate poles to skateboard across the USA

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About Us

SUPSkate was born out of necessity and nutured by the skateboard company,Hamboards. When Don Sandusky founded Hamboards in 2012 with his cousin Pete Hamborg, he had no idea how to ride those huge skateboards. Pushing off on those big heavy boards and loose trucks terrified. Happily, his cousin Pete had a couple 7 foot long bamboo sticks with a T-handle on one end and a rubber dog toy jammed onto the lower end.  That changed everything for Don. He states, "All of the sudden, I could actually ride a Hamboards, or any skateboard, and it was really fun."