Why do you need a skate pole? Because

… you are learning to skateboard and it helps build confidence while you get your “sea legs.”

… you love a great workout and recognize the benefits of improving your core and balance with an outdoor sport that combines the benefits of paddleboarding with the portability of a skateboard

… your skateboard is gathering dust in your garage because you think your skateboarding days are long gone… but they are not!

Whomever you are, wherever you are, SUPSkate skate poles are for you!

Benefits of a Skate Pole

Skate poles provide benefits to skateboarders of all abilities.

Stability: For beginners or those with balance issues, skate poles act as a support, allowing riders to steady themselves on a board and reduce the fear of falling.

Propulsion: Skate poles allow riders to propel forward while keeping both feet on the board. This makes it easier for riders to maintain balance. By channeling the energy of a rider’s full body, skate pole users can skate up inclines and over rough terrain.

Turning: Skate poles can act as pivot points to enable riders to make tighter turns. Skate poles (also)delete allow riders to increase speed out of a turn, something that is not possible by using feet alone.