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SUPSkate Custom Skate Pole

SUPSkate Custom Skate Pole

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SUPSkate's lightest and highest-performance skate pole.

The SUPSkate Custom skate poles are for experienced riders who want a light-weight fixed-length pole. These skate poles require that you cut and permently assemble the pole with epoxy. Once you assemble the pole you cannot change the length. Measure twice and cut once. Cut lower section to length, dry fit to double check then glue the two halves together.

Technical Details

Can be cut to length for riders from 4'9" ~ 6'8"

Up to 1 lb 10 oz

Shaft Material:
Ultra-lightweight blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin.

Pusher Tip:
Patented flexible, replaceable rubber tip.

Hand Grip:
Ergonomic grip made od rugged and soft EVA with 70 to 90 Shore C Hardness.

US Patent No. 9,724,593

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