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HST Longboard

HST Longboard

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HST boards are not Hamboards. They are available exclusively on Amazon and select retailers.

These boards break from the Hamboards surf-feel mold, That's why we call them HST boards and not Hamboards. They have more traditional longboard decks and our patented HST trucks. The result feels like a cross between a snowboard and a skateboard. More carvy than a longboard but not as carvy as a Hamboard, with a nice little bounce out of the carves.

There are two different HST decks. The 40-inch dropdeck has a 1-inch drop and a slight concave which makes this deck a little stiffer. Longboard skateboard riders seem to prefer this deck.

The 38-inch cutaway longboard deck is flat, which gives it more flex. Snowboard riders say It feels like a snowboard on wheels.

Longboard Deck: 38.5 In. long, 9 in. wide
Dropdeck Deck: 40 in. long, 9.5 in. wide
Deck Material: Birch
Deck Rating: 7 Ply
Wheel Size: 70 Millimeters
Wheel Material: Polyurethane
Wheel Durometer: Hardness: 80A
Front Truck: HST 40° with 180mm hanger
Rear Truck: HST 20° with 180mm hanger

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